How many humans do you need to assembly a modern car? and other robotics things

Would you like to bet? How many humans are involved during the assembly process of a modern car? 10 - 100?

Happy 2017!

off road small That¬īs all we wanted to say. Happy 2017, stay safe this Xmas and have a very happy and very interesting 2017 ūüėČ

Click on READ MORE to take a look to the Sphere-o-bot painting Xmas baubles

iBoardbot + TELEGRAM
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Making the most of the TELEGRAM Bots,  has connected the iBoardbot to TELEGRAM. read more

jjRobots annual SURVEY results (thanks!)
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I thought this could be interesting for you. The results of the annual review of jjRobots. First, I would like to thank you for spending your¬†time answering¬†this survey. And second… read more

JJrobots on Discovery Science Channel
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The "Outrageous Acts of Science" JJrobots episode will be launched on Discovery Science channel on Wednesday 27th July.

Guest Star: Air hockey robot. How it was made and other curiosities.

Don¬īt miss it!

outrageous acts of science 2

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The B-robot EVO goes OFF-ROAD
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off road small

Aaaand the B-robot EVO off-road version is here.

It has been easy to modify the original B-robot EVO adding new Off-road wheels (regular 83 mm diameter RC buggy wheels, quite easy to get and inexpensive). If you already have a B-robot, just modified the parameters indicated below in its code or upload this slightly modified CODE version to the Arduino:  BROBOT OFFROAD 

brobot OFFROAD v4

iBoardBot. The internet controlled drawing robot
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The internet controlled drawing robot.

JJRobots, proudly presents... the iBoardbot!

An internet controlled robot capable of writing+drawing (and wiping!) on a glass surface.

The iBoardbot is a robot connected to the internet capable of writing texts and drawing with great precision. Also, it can erase in a quick and effective way.

Send to your iBoardbot your information from any part of the world. As it has a multi-user interface you can also play and challenge your kids, use it as a collaborative notice board or as a twitter wall in your shop window. Have fun and enjoy learning how to assemble your iBoardbot!