The technology has advanced so much that nowadays it is possible to have 3D printed robots. There are options to convert ideas into virtual designs and then transform them to prototypes through the use of novel machines. It means that it is feasible to think about something and posteriorly carry out the project until the production of a tridimensional object.

3d printed robots

Building android plan is already a little old, since the robotic bases were established by Isaac Azimov and maybe before; however, making it real was not so simple. But now, the moment has arrived because there are alternatives, as the manufacture of incorporated or highly integral parts appeared. Consequently, at the present we can offer you a 3d printed humanoid robot.

Would you like to have 3D printed robots?

We are electronic/3D designers hobbyists dedicated to dispense our concepts and understanding with everybody interested in the DIY (do it yourself) robotic subject. Propose us a dream and we will tell you if that 3d printed robot can be created or we can assist you in the practice of making it. We enjoy developing these fantastic units and the challenges involved in their proper operation.

Also we are committed to take the process from the idea to the reality and that your product meets the current needs and future potential results. In our projects we can develop a complete unit or just specific 3d printed robot parts such as a robotic arm or a functional hand, either by its abilities or its humaniform design or even by both conditions.

Our passion is to work on modular robots that can be “expandable” in their operational form, give greater benefits to existing devices and enable other uses for equipment by our designs. Besides we can bring them to life with our 3D printers, expanding the development options and their complexity.

3D printed robots are your priorities? Contact us through our website. We already have a variety of projects finished or in progress that can be observed in our store and we want to offer you the entire disposition to join your thoughts with our expertise and skills to give life to the tool that will satisfy your need.