is it hard to place my smartphone pointing to the Air hockey Table?

Nope. The KIT, includes a pole (70cms). Its length has been calculated so you will place your smartphone at the right height. The perspective of the smartphone´s camera can be easily adjusted just dragging the corners of the playing court with your finger on the smartphone´s screen. Try it: download the APP and play a little with it (PLAY -> CALIBRATE TABLE).


How does, exactly, the APP control the robot?

We have developed an APP to control the Air Hockey Robot.The idea was to simplify as much as possible the robot and make it…affordable by everyone. So, if you already have a smartphone, you have the visual detection/processing system! As simple as connecting your smartphone to the Robot´s WIFI and run the APP. Even if you are not good pointing the camera to the playing court, you can easily adjust the perspective tapping on the screen.

I have heard some…sounds in the video. People cheering up… are they coming from the APP or they are just promotional effects?

The APP can detect when a goal has been scored and depending on the speed of the puck, the crowd will be cheering you up

Can my smartphone control the robot?

Very likely. Download the APP (link below). If your smartphone is capable of run the APP, it can control the

How does the MANUAL MODE works?

Take a look to this video. If you already get the robot controlled by the smartphone, why not allow you to control it with your finger? That is the MANUAL MODE

Does the APP need any …strange permissions?

No. Just access to the camera and storage (The APP can store screen captures of the game if you want to)

Is the Air Hockey Robot dangerous?

No. At all. But as with any moving machine, you have to be careful with your fingers!

Can I take a look to …all the files, models…?

Yeap. GITHUB is our official repository. If you want a “step by step” guide. Take a look to the ASSEMBLY GUIDE