Arduino robots are constructed with this control base board. It is used for many projects achieved by amateurs and also by experts on the electronic world as well as robotics one. It allows builders to make tests and analyzes in a simple and direct way, before deciding to give form to the controls and insert the components in a definitive substrate.ARDUINO ROBOTS


Our Arduino robotics devices rest on the robust base supported by this technology and let us provides benefits that can be modified extended or replaced by our clients to achieve other purposes; working on a known support and being accepted by those interested in electronics.

We have fully developed mechanisms, which can be acquired for a direct use. Additionally, we can manage Arduino robot projects according to our customers’ needs or requirements. The idea is to work as a team with our professional staff, seeking the best satisfaction of your goals.

Blimpduino project. Based on an Arduino M0

Build your Arduino robots with our help

We are an organization that promotes the concept of OPEN SOURCE hardware and specialized training for the community in technological development. To impulse that objective, we have available the Arduino robot kit so that people that are involved in this exciting career have top-quality tools and a resistant foundation of shared knowledge.

Using this widely used board involves decision making that can be delegated to advanced mechanisms. If necessary these devices could be later altered to improve their performance, change their aims or especially to increase their work potential.

Definitely it is our preferred support when it comes to creating products that can be understood, accepted and pooled by the sector to which we dedicate our best efforts and activities. The intended reason is that it permits all us to keep talking the same language in order to accomplish a more diversified world in the use of these tools and its widespread access.

We want to assist you to construct your Arduino robots. Contact us by sending an email to Or if you prefer it contact us at facebook and lets us know about your necessities, questions, doubts or ideas. We will answer you as soon as possible.