Why not using two stepper motors to move a camera on a 3D printer-made slider and pan it as it moves tracking an object? Actually, the control behind this robot is pretty simple… so lets create it!

First, a glance to its capabilities:

Basically, this robot will move a camera/smartphone on a rail and “track” and object. The target object location is already known by the robot. The maths behind this tracking system are quite simple. Take a look at the simulator we have created below: Just move the mouse and set the location of the object to track. The camera, placed on a carriage as it moves, will point at the target object according to the info provided to the robot.

Info provided:

  • Distance from the object to the rail
  • Distance from the object to the camera when it started to move

With these two values, the Arduino will be capable of knowing the camera position according to the object to track just calculating the arc-tangent. Easy!

The speed and start/stop “button” are controlled from your own smartphone. For this, the smartphone has to be connected to the robot´s WIFI network. More details below.

As the speed can be adjusted as desired (from the smartphone), you can move the “camera carriage” as slow as desired, making possible to create TIME LAPSE videos. Example of a 15 minutes video condensed into a 15 seconds video:

We are still designing (finishing) the 3D parts and polishing the Arduino code but everything will be available soon. We will post details in the community in the next few days so you can create and play with the robot if you want


Take a look at the 3D model. The control APP is capable of controlling the speed of the carriage in real time. The speed can be set from 0.01 mm/sec to  35 mm/sec

CONTROL APP: coming soon

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