NEMA17 1:5 planetary GEARBOX


This planetary gearbox has been designed to reduce the backlash and hysteresis but at the same time to be easily printed and assemble. Three “planets” and the “sun” are contained inside a 60 teeth corona providing a 1:5 reduction. It has been proved that the 1:5 ratio has a very … Read More

New project (FINISHED)


We always though that a powerful, reliable, precise and fast laser pointer would be a cool gadget to have. And when I say “laser”, I mean any object you may want to attach to X-Y mount (nerf gun? Torch? Camera? … Read More



The original Camera Slider kit became quite popular since the very beginning. It was easy to set up, used regular NEMA17 stepper motors and it was reliable. But lacked of some important features: I was heavy, bulky and not as … Read More

Some very cool MODs of the B-robot EVO 2


From time to time, we see cool modifications and add-ons for the B-robot EVO 2: custom arms, new uses for a second servo output, new Arduino codes…etc. These two, listed below, add something new to the B-robot “World”: Led eyes! … Read More

B-robot EVO 2 in the MAKE: magazine (Deutsch issue)


We are declared fans the MAKE: magazine since its very beginning. The quality of their issues and attention to details explaining projects make them affordable to everyone interested in the MAKER World / Robotics + Electronics The review of the … Read More

How to film, in a cool way, objects: Rotating display


This is a side project, a rotating display created from the CAMERA SLIDER WITH OBJECT TRACKING project. It is a quite straightforward “robot” to do, as every element has been used with the CAMERA SLIDER. But they are some minor … Read More

3D printer-made: Robotic Gripper / Clamp (2 degrees of freedom)


This is a robotic clamp controlled using two inexpensive servos (SG90 or MG90). Medium size and powerful enough to lift medium size object. Assembly guide with images an videos, bill of materials and STL files ready to be printed here!

Robot Evolution


robot evolution


A very brief history of robots. Weird robots, What was the first one?  and the last one before Skynet annihilates the humanity? What are the modern robots capable of?…

[caption id="attachment_1756" align="aligncenter" width="161"]ultimate robot Skynet´s T10 prototype[/caption]

Motorized Camera SLIDER. Remotely controlled


Why not to use two stepper motors to move a camera or your smartphone on a 3D printer-made slider and rotate it as it moves to track an object? Actually, the control behind this robot is pretty simple… Lets create it!

Robotic ARM (SCARA) project. updates


We are currently working (while we finish the control APPs of the blimpduino) in the SCARA robotic arm. The point of posting this on the web is to ask you for comments/ideas and any feedback. As we are still at this developing stage, we have time to re-think some aspects/features of this robot. A powerfulfast and reliable arm is the basic of modern robotics so… we wanted to “create” one but using regular “MAKER´s World” elements like NEMA17 motors, affordable electronics and common ancillary elements (GT2 timing belt, steel rod, aluminium tubes).

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