Robot Evolution

robot evolution


A very brief history of robots. Weird robots, What was the first one?  and the last one before Skynet annihilates the humanity? What are the modern robots capable of?…

ultimate robot
Skynet´s T10 prototype
Now Shipping from USA (too)
| , our partner in the States will be shipping all our robot too within USA. It means that the shipping cost of sending everything to your place, if you live in the USA/Canada, will be drastically reduced (and get there faster!) read more

Happy 2018!

off road small That´s all we wanted to say. Happy 2018!, stay safe this Xmas and have a very happy and very interesting new year 😉

Click on READ MORE to take a look to the Sphere-o-bot painting Xmas baubles

jjRobots annual SURVEY results (thanks!)
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I thought this could be interesting for you. The results of the annual review of jjRobots. First, I would like to thank you for spending your time answering this survey. And second… read more

Hmm…a new project?

What is this? A hackable/ cool/ full of features/affordable 3D display?

Hi there!

We are working in something…cool 😉   Pretty sure you will like it.

Opening the Academy!

jjrobots ACADEMY

We proudly present… The Academy!

Free entry to information about the basic “bricks” used in robotics.

Examples and videos (thanks youtube!) about where and how this knowledge is applied everywhere.

All Taxes Included in the product´s price

Tax included

We really hate to see how a product can easily double its price in the checkout when you are buying online. This will not happen in jjrobots. Just add the shipping cost. That´s all. What you see is what you pay.  All the taxes are included in the final price.

Enjoy it!

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Air Hockey Robot : a 3D printer hack

Based on the original Air Hockey robot, this new Air Hockey Robot EVO is much easier to set-up and deploy. Controlled by your own smartphone using the freely available APP

A challenging robot, perfect to have fun and learn robotics at the same time

It is faster, easily modifiable and shares the electronics and ancillary elements with others jjRobots like the iBoardbot, B-robot EVO. Sphere-O-Bot (and more to come!)


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