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Binding – movement not smooth, lateral slider, belt issue?

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We are having issues with our setup. Our robot isn’t moving smoothly and is sticking.

We tried graphite lubricant but it didn’t work. We are working on redesigning the lateral slider (we are currently using one printed from the STL file on here). We are also looking at the tightness of our belt. But with so many variables at play, it would help if anyone else has run into this issue and has a suggestion.

Our table is slightly larger than the original table.
Original Buffalo Explorer is 92×46 with 89×43 cm playfield.
Ours is the Rally and Roar AWH040_018P and is 101 x 50.3 cm with a 98.3×48 cm playfield.

We have steel rods, not aluminum. We cut our rods longer but haven’t made other modifications re the size. I’ve seen posts about changing the configuration.h file and can change numbers in a stand alone file but don’t know how to actually change the numbers with the robot.

Google Docs slide with videos of movement

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The “stuck” is created by a misaligment of the “X axis” when the robot accelerates. Try to reduce the MAX acceleration value and see if that helps. If you are not using a “standard” air hockey robot, you may find problems as the regular Air hockey Robot was designed for the dimensions indicated in the jjRobots page. :-
The steel rods are way to heavy so I will move to carbon fiber or aluminion for the X axis. The motor may not be capable of moving everything as fast as you are demanding I am afraid….
PS: The videos need credentials to get access , could you open the folder for everyone so I can take a look?