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Changes to code needed with larger tables?  

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Hi, like many others, I wasn’t able to get the same air hockey table here in the states. I’ve made changes to the configuration.h file to reflect the new table_length and table_width size. Is there any other variables that need to be adjusted? I’m assuming the prediction and the starting points might be off if I don’t adjust those values as well.

Currently, its trying to defend and attack but keeps missing the puck as if it was misaligned. If I push it slowly and directly at it, it’ll return the puck just fine. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Edited this below from configuration.h file and i’ve downloaded the beta app version which allows for changes in the table size before starting calibration screen.

// This is the center of the table. All units in milimeters
// This are the dimensions of the official air hockey table Exploter from Buffalo
#define TABLE_LENGTH 997 //js changed from 895 (997 ~ 19.25 inches)
#define TABLE_WIDTH 492 //js changed from 435 (492 ~ 19 3/8 inches)
#define ROBOT_CENTER_X TABLE_WIDTH/2 // Center of robot.