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Comments on setting up a new pyBot

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Hello forum,

first I want to introduce the group in whose name I will bring in this post. The Hackerspace in Bremen, Germany, is club of people interested in issues about technic, 3D-printing an physical computing ( The club decided to buy a pyBot in November, and the pySpace-group met yesterday online to try to set up the pyBot.

We had problems running the test-code on the DEVIA control board. The code compiled with the Arduino-IDE 1.18.12 ran up to ‘TEST: WIFI. Generating network JJROBOTS_TEST’ and that was it. We had comment ‘Serial1.flush()’ to be able to continue the code.

Yesterday’s time was over at this step, and we didn’t have enough time left to see the pyBot moving. But the rest of the program ran well.

Maybe somebody in the forum had similar problem, or somebody from the JJRobots’ staff can make a comment on this.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Dieter

 What Arduino IDE version are you using? did you install the SAMD boards library?