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LIDAR Mounting

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I cannot see from the website assembly instruction how or where to mount the LIDAR sensor. Any thoughts or guidance would be very welcome

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Hi Mark!

 I am working on it. The natural location for the LiDAR is the “base” of the clamp. Pointing down.

There are two holes there designed to hold the Lidar sensor.

Sorry for the potato photo! (even the bolts used to fix it are not the right ones ->M3 6mm 😪 )

The provided cable is long enough to reach the control board from there. Leave some slack 

potato photo LIDAR SENSOR

The control APP (the latest version in Python) will open the clamp letting the LIDAR sensor to measure the disntace from the base of the clam to the “floor”

How to connect it:

Pybot connecting everything with LIDAR 

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