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Possible home server and queue question

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Hi all,
first of all congratulations about your product, i was one of the kickstarter backer and i’ve been enjoying the iboarbot ever since it arrived.
I’ve some problems with my internet connection, it’s not really stable here, so i was wondering if it’s possible in any way (or maybe with some update in the future) to connect with the board without having to go through an internet connection, for example just communicating with it via lan or usb.
About the queue system, i would like to know if it possible to create a queue that has some temporal limit: for example if it hasn’t completed in say 1 hour, it will kill all other job in the line.
Thank you very much in advance and keep up with the great work!

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Hi lordghiro,
thanks for your words,
actually is not posible to load works via usb, it would be posible but modifying the firmware…
the queue has no timeout for the tasks but you could manually empty your queue task going to the settings (wheel icon) and pressing “clear pending tasks” red button…