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Question about scaling up  

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I notice that in the configuration.h file the following lines:

// Robot
#define ROBOT_MIN_X 0
#define ROBOT_MIN_Y 0
#define ROBOT_MAX_X 358
#define ROBOT_MAX_Y 123

If I wanted to scale this robot up, say to a 45″ by 36″ whiteboard, would I only need to change the MAX_X and MAX_Y values to match the new board?

How would I scale svgs and other drawings up to the size of the larger board? Would that require further modification inside of the app? I would probably be using the offline app posted on this forum for an offline mode for the final application.

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The “cloud” service will send the same movement commands to the iboardbot and the robot, locally (via Arduino code) will have to re-scale everything to the new dimensions. I mean, the motors will have to move X times applying the new SCALEFACTOR you have chosen.
So, you can leave those ROBOT_MIN and MAX parameters as they are and re-scale the motor movements the required proportions. Of course, you will reduce the resolution accordingly.