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It is my third day on Tindamax trichomoniasis treatment today and I have to admit that I can clearly tell the difference. The taste of the medication is not pleasant at all, it?s true. But taking the regular dosage with some food can solve the problem. I have no other side effects that I would consider worth of mentioning here. So for me the medication is quite easy to use and convenient. My biggest problem is trying to follow the regimen and not to forget to take the dosage twice a day. Everything else is all right. The drug definitely works – all the symptoms of my trichomoniasis have disappeared almost at once and I feel much better.

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I am more than simply satisfied with the effectiveness Tindamax in trichomoniasis treatment. The only complications I encountered when taking this drug were bad headache and diarrhea which nevertheless were not unbearable so I could stand them in return for getting me rid of the trichomoniasis. I started noticing the difference in a couple of days after I was put on the medication – the symptoms started to disappear and my general well-being improved as well. I am happy this medication finally helped me with the disease that spoiled my nervous system by being so persistent!

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