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[Sticky] Laser pointer / camera / webcam remote control robot

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Project released! All the info needed can be found here:

CAMERA GIMBAL with NEMA17 motors 1

This 3D printed laser/torch/camera pointer has been created using common and affordable elements from the 3D printed World (NEMA 17 motors, Linear bearings, timing belts…)

jjRobots camera Gimbal


The idea was to create a reliable, fast, modifiable and accurate “pointer” robot. Fix to this robot a small camera, webcam, flashlight, sensor… and control it remotely. The Python code will let you move the robot, autonomously, following pre-set movement patterns with precision.

Convert it into a remotely operated webcam:

remotely operated WEBCAM

Control it using a Xbox/ PS4 controller:

xbox controller moving the laser pointer

The control APP has been created with Python

python logo

Take a look at it: Laser pointer 3D interactive model

We have written a detailed assembly guide.

Arduino and Python code can be found on its project webpage :

The control code has been written in PYTHON, and it has been thoroughly explained and commented for easy understanding. There are several control examples here

All the links to code, videos, specifications, assembly guide…etc can be found here:

NEW!: Added Xbox/PS4 controller. Now you can control the laser pointer robot using your PS4/Xbox controller

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