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New version BOM and updates

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laser pointer robot (2)

BOM (so far): 

  • 3D printed parts 
  • 2x 20 teeth pulley
  • 2x 200mm GT2 6mm width timing belt o-ring
  • 2x NEMA 17 motors + 14 + 45 cms cables
  • 1x DEVIA CONTROL BOARD (or equivalent)
  • 2x A4988 stepper motor drivers
  • 2x 6002RS ball bearing
  • 4x 40mm M3 bolts (recommended but can be replaced with a good glue)
  • 6x zip ties (4×100 mm or similar). To fix and sort out the cables
  • 12V / 1.5 A power supply or battery pack (9 to 12 volts)
  • 1x Micro USB cable 
  • 15x M3 16mm bolts
  • 15x M3 10mm bolts
  • 3x Wood screws (if you want to fix the base to any solid structure)