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Anyone changed to a 2040 extrusion and a 6 wheel metal gantry plate?

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I can’t shift my opinion anymore that this is the way I would like to rebuild my slider. I built the original version with the twin rods and linear bearings. I can’t eliminate judder that’s not seen to the naked eye but shows up on the video (Canon Vixia HF R50 – weight 280g). If I replace the camcorder with a small bowl of water (140g) it’s obvious the water is rippling as the carriage travels.

So I am proposing to go with the extrusion design but while I’m at it, go to a 2040 and lay it horizontally, i.e. 20mm high x 40mm wide, and use the larger pre-drilled gantry plates easily available. Probably with 6 wheels. The extra lateral wheel spacing over 40mm should give the gantry more resistance to twisting.
Now my final puzzle is how much of the rotation mechanism I should print or I should fabricate from aftermarket metal components. Belt drive, pulley gears, bearings, shaft, top turntable, etc. Any solutions to some of this would be welcome.