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Missing or wrong parts (screws,power supply, Camera-Screw) in my order

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my order of this slider which am “trying” to build, has a lot of wrong or missing parts. 
I just filmed everything for my YouTube-Review Video, so if you need proof, i can send you a video of the unboxing.
Sadly this is what is missing or wrong
1.) Many Screws are wrong:
The manual and the parts list says it comes with m3 bolts with a length of 6mm,10mm,15mm – but the bolts this set came with are 10mm,15mm and 20mm. So i don´t have all the screws (6mm) i need, so that i can finish this build.
2.) The EUR type Power Supply i ordered and payed IS MISSING too.
3.) The camera-screw has no clip/bow – so it doesn´t stay fixed when you try screw something in. This can´t be used because than you always need to unscrew everything if you want to change the ball mount.
For today i stopped the building it and checked if more parts are missing, but seems not to be the case. So could you please send me the missing parts to my order adress, so i can finish my review.

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– TMC2208: they have been already pre-adjusted, they are ready to be used.
– The camera screw: we will send you another one with the handle. And the same goes for the power supply. That was a mistake packing up. Please accept my apologies.
We always use a scale to double check everything is correct and already in the packet but it looks like someone made a mistake here.
– The TMC2208 without screw: that is normal. Do not worry about it, it has been adjusted using a UART port. If you plugin you will find out that it is working as intended.
Please accept our apologies.