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Suggestion: A retrofit package for original design owners

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I thought I would have seen this soon after the new design was released. I would have jumped on it. It’s the first thing I expected since JJ Robots did list full and partial packages for the original camera slider depending on if you wanted to print the plastic parts yourself or buy them ready made.

A retrofit kit that contains the bits to update a constructed “old style” slider with the two round bars, etc. to the new version if the buyer sources an extrusion themselves to save on that shipping cost. Otherwise, the hardware and pointing out the STLs to print, or sell the parts pre-printed by JJ Robots.

Or at the least please publish instructions on what original owners need to do to upgrade to the extrusion version. Thank you.

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Sorry for that mistake. This year is to forgot. We lost one computer with the 2 hard drives next to it with the back-ups so we lost most of the “old” assembly guides we had created.
Regarding the retrofit KIT: we are working on it (actually, on them, we have many upgrades of the projects)

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