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Unfortunately without function

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Have a few days ago the Devian board geflasht. this also went without problems. then driver aufgesteckt, but there I could not set any voltage. So just to test drivers ordered on the Internet.

TMC2208 V3
Voltage finally went clean to set, but unfortunately does nothing.

When turning on the voltage also comes briefly the blue LED then goes out again and the red lights then constantly.

By mail I tried to get help, but so far no feedback received.


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I am not sure I am understanding… the driver “aufgesteckt”?

What do you mean by “went clean to set” that you managed to set the right voltage? What blue led? the one from the WIFI module? that is normal. Everytime the module is turned on, it flashes briefly.

Have you already uploaded the arduino code to the DEVIA? Without errors or warnings? If you got the kit, the board is already programmed, so skip this step then.

I am not sure I understand where the problem is coming from. No response when using the smartphone?