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Please Help! Code won't work!

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Hello everyone, 

I am brand new to this so please bare with me!

Devia Control Board using Arduino/Genuino Zero (Native Control Port)
Operating system – MacBook Pro – macOS Big Sur

I am trying to run a test code from JJ Robots onto a Devia Control Board that uses Arduino. I have been able to select the correct Board options in Arduino but the Port doesn’t match the one my instructions say I should have. I am looking to try and add the COM11 port but this is not an option. How do I change this? 

The test code uploads to the board but when I run it I get the following error in the serial monitor: 

SWITCH Not Pressed
TEST: Checking IMU…
  WHO_AM_I : 11, error = 0
TEST: WIFI. Generating network JJROBOTS_TEST

The Red LED then stays permanently on. 


When I have added the Sphere-O-Bot code form the JJ Robots website and open Inkscape it doesn’t think that a Sphere a bot is connected….

Can anyone help me sort this out, I am sure I have missed out some information but as I sad this is all new to me! 

Thank you in advance for your help!

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It looks like more an Inkscape problem than hardware´s.

 Do this (as someone indicated in another thread):


Latest version of inkscape and eggbot extension works once:


~/Library/Application\ Support/org.inkscape.Inkscape/config/inkscape/extensions/axidraw_deps/plotink/

line 60 is changed to:

if port[1].startswith(“Arduino”):