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Sphere-O-Bot Working!!!

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I was finally able to get my Sphere-O-Bot working!  Very cool.  Now i have to figure out WHAT I want to print on round objects.  I play golf, so I’m pretty certain a golf ball will be early in experimentation.


A few items for others building this robot.

1) I was unable to get the Arduino to be recognized in InkScape with Windows 10.  In the InkScape portable folder that you download from JJRobots, edit the share\extensions\ebb_serial.py file to put in your VID and PID.  You can get both of these from “Get Board Info” in Arduino.  Edit this line:

if port[2].startswith(“USB VID


2) I ripped off one of the sets of pins on my board for the Pen stepper motor.  This was not good.  I think it is easily solderable, but rather than do that I switched to the third stepper motor spot on the board.  You have to edit the beginning of the Ejjduino_M0 file and change the “step2” and “dir2” pins to 9 and 10.  Initially, I didn’t realize what the “dir2” pin was and my stepper motor would ONLY go forward, never backward.  Oops!

3) For some reason, the “Toggle Pen Up/Down” in Inkscape isn’t working.  If I use the Manual tab and put pen up and then put pen down, it works fine.  I’m not sure why that Toggle isn’t working, but it is not.

Ignore the out of place lines on the egg below.  I was still trying to figure out the stepper motor issues and just didn’t switch eggs.  


IMG 7491
IMG 7489
IMG 7488