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New KIT: B-robot EVO

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We have received some emails asking for this KIT:

A set that includes EVERYTHING. So, during the nights, we have been working hard in the dungeon finding the best possible stepper motors, servos, buttons… and creating and stocking this new KIT. Everything is included, previously thoroughly tested so you only need to assemble it. This EVO version of the B-robot has stability improvements and is extremely sturdy. The Brain SHIELD is easily detachable, so in case you want to use it in other project, you will not need to disassemble everything and create a mess. Assemble instructions here.Brobot complete KIT small

Have a look to the video and watch how it behaves now!:


to the shop!

At Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1069256

Assembly instructions here