Blimpduino 2.0 Control board
Blimpduino 2.0 Control board
Blimpduino 2.0 Control board

What you get:

  • Blimpduino Control Board (battery connector not soldered)
  • 2 row headers servo connectors (2x servos)
  •  Lipo cable connector 1 CELL (1S) 3.7v
Control board elements

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Blimpduino 2.0 Kit
Blimpduino 2.0 Kit
Blimpduino 2.0 Kit

There are two blimpduino KIT options:

1. Get the Small Blimpduino balloon:

 The KIT will contain the small size 32″ foil balloon and a 300 mAh Lipo battery. Perfect for small rooms. This balloon can lift up to 32 grams. Flying time: up to 20 minutes*

2. Get the Medium Blimpduino balloon:

This KIT comes with a medium size 36″ foil balloon. This balloon can lift 47 grams so can you add up to 10 more grams to the blimpduino. Flying time: up to 35 minutes*


What you get with the blimpduino KIT:

  • Blimpduino Control Board + fixing bolts
  • 3x DC 3.7v brush-less motors (2x CW + 1 x CCW)
  • 4x 45 mm propellers (2x CW + 2 x CCW)
  • Double sided sticky tape/pads
  • Optional: 3.7V 300mAh or 500mAh Lipo Battery
  • Optional: 3D printed gondola
  • Optional: 32″ or 36″ Foil balloon (Max payload: 32 and 47 grams respectively)
  • Do you need a bigger balloon (+payload)? contact us at:
* The flying time is heavily conditioned by the way you fly the blimp. Servo headers included but not soldered (we did not want to add weight unless you need them)

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