SALE!Remotely controlled torch / laser pointer
Remotely controlled torch / laser pointer
Remotely controlled torch / laser pointer

This is an OPEN SOURCE / 3D printed Torch/ Camera/ Laser pointer Kit. Arduino M0 based and created using common elements from the Makers/  3D printers World. Controlled by the DEVIA Robotics board and programmed in Python.

A very accurate and fast torch pointer. Can be controlled using an Xbox and / or PlayStation controller. Alternatively, you can adapt its Python written control code to follow any pre-planned movement (or do whatever you want with it).

Capable of spinning up to 360° in 1 seconds with a 0,1° precision. A laser/camera/flashlight can be mounted on it if required. Can be controlled via Wi-Fi from up to 60m away (direct view).

It uses two NEMA17 motors and timing belts to achieve that accuracy.  The construction is sturdy, and the base can be placed anywhere thanks to its “rubber feet”. Want to attach it to a tripod? Doable!

The kit comes with a harmless LED torch that projects the image of a mouse from a distance of up to 4 meters (optional)



  • Total height: 200 mm.
  • Nº of axis: 2 (altitude and azimuth)
  • Freedom of movement: -60° to +240° altitude, 0° to ±180° azimuth
  • Max rotational speed: 360°/second 
  • Total Weight: 920 grams
  • Repeatability (degrees): 0.1
  • Maximum Payload Capacity without the need of weight balancing (laser/torch):120 grams
  • Driving motors: 2x NEMA17 1.8° stepper motor
  • Can control a 12V up to 0.5A light/laser via software when connected to the AUX port on the DEVIA control board.
  • Firmware: Arduino code. Control software: Python. Both are freely available.
  • WI-FI controllable. Xbox controller compatible.


What you get with the KIT:

Some elements are optional as we wanted you to save money if you already have them. The 3D printed parts SET is optional too (stl files available here). You have three options for powering the KIT: a regular power supply, battery holder and/or the Car lighter plug 12V. The power supply is included with the KIT.

  • Torch laser pointer 3D printed parts SET (optional)
  • 2x NEMA 17 stepper motor (high torque) with cables (optional)
  • 12V/2A Power supply with 5.1mm Arduino power Jack (optional)
  • 12V 3m CAR lighter power cable with 5.1mm Arduino power Jack (optional)
  • 9V battery case, for 6xAA batteries (optional)
  • Mouse projector LED torch (optional): make it a cat laser pointer robot!
  • 2x 20 teeth GT2 pulley 
  • 2x Circular Ball bearing 6002RS
  • 3x rubber pads for the base’s legs.
  • 2x Timing belt 200 GT2
  • 1x Cable wrap 50 cm
  • DEVIA control Board
  • 2x Motor drivers A4988 + heat sinks
  • USB cable 1 m (micro USB connector)
  • Set of M3 BOLTS and NUTS  (6, 10, 15, 40 mm)
  • Camera nut (to attach the robot´s base to a tripod)

Optional elements:

Add everything you want to be included with your kit.

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