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Air hockey robot EVO

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The Air Hockey Robot EVO is finally here! A challenging robot, perfect to have fun and learn robotics at the same time

Controlled by your own smartphone using the free AIR HOCKEY ROBOT APP

This is a mostly 3D printable air hockey playing robot that, in addition to moving across the required two dimensions, can predict the movements of rebounding pucks and attack/defend in consequence.


  • We do no "re-sell" Air hockey tables. But! We have a suitable Air Hockey table for this robot. We could call it, the Official air hockey table. It is distributed by JustAthlete in many countries. Very good quality and very affordable.

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    Select a power supply PLUG type for your Air hockey robot

    power adapter USA-UK-EUR v2

    • 0 $

    Set of 3D printed parts. All printed with Ingeo 870 PLA filament (more info here). Stronger and with higher impact strength than regular PLA.


    • 48 $
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What is included in this AIR HOCKEY ROBOT EVO KIT (3D printed parts are optional):

Air hockey robot 2 KIT elements

  • 12x M3 bolt 6mm
  • 4x M3 bolt 10mm
  • 6x M3 bolt 15mm
  • 4x M3 bolt 20 mm
  • 16x M3 nut
  • 2x M3 self blocking nut
  • 10x M2.5 Wood screw 20mm
  • EVA FOAM (two different colours)
  • 4cm 12V FAN
  • 2x Stepper motor NEMA17 + cables (70+70 cms)
  • DEVIA control board + USB cable
  • 2x Stepper motor drivers (DRV8825 or A4988) + heatsinks
  • 12V 2A power supply 5.5mm 2.5mm jack
  • 2x LM88UU linear ball bearing
  • 12x 623 ball bearings
  • 2x Stainless steel bar 8⌀ 455mm long
  • 2x Anodized aluminium tube 8⌀ 
  • 1x Aluminium square tube 16×16 mm
  • GT2 timing belt (300 cm)
  • 6x zip ties (150mm x 3 mm)
  • double side sticky foam
  • smartphone holder´s bolt


  NOTE: The elements included in this OFFICIAL KIT has been thoroughly tested and they do the job perfectly: the motors are powerful enough, the linear bearings do not create friction on these stainless steel bars…if you want to get everything by yourself, try to get the same elements.






The Air hockey robot shares almost all of its parts and 100% of its electronics with the iBoardbot, the B-robot EVO, the fastest -remotely controlled- Self Balancing robot, the Sphere-O-bot and many other jjRobots.

Create any other robots after assembling the Air Hockey robot!

open source 3

The jjRobots Air hockey EVO robot has been seen in:has-been-seen-in-v2




Above: The video of the ORIGINAL (but quite difficult to replicate) Air Hockey robot by jjRobots. The father of this EVO version. The main differences: we have changed the robot structure (H-bot now) and the size of the Air hockey table. Its speed and response time have been enhanced.




Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 12 × 12 cm

8 reviews for Air hockey robot EVO

  1. Avatar of UAB Stark (Nicolas)

    UAB Stark (Nicolas)

    The perfect robot for a MAKER like me. My son really like it. Easy entry robot and modify, not the regular battle robot you can get. This is something more. Thanks guys

  2. Avatar of Marcella Ormond

    Marcella Ormond

    I ordered this for my 12 year old nephew and it is brilliant. Very entertaining for him and good value for the many features the robot has

  3. Avatar of Vlatko Olson

    Vlatko Olson

    I bought this for my daughter and she wasn’t disappointed!
    Well made product very fun for kids, absolutely great toy.

  4. Avatar of Alan Ratti

    Alan Ratti

    High School teacher here. This is a superb educational toy. It is the sort of thing that may get your kids interested in electronic engineering and/or computer programming.

  5. Avatar of Francisco Raimundo

    Francisco Raimundo (verified owner)

    End-of-course assessment projectI really enjoyed building it, great fun and great project to do. I am Portuguese and this project is going to be my end-of-course assessment project. Tank you jjrobots, you guys are fantastic.

  6. Avatar of Larse


    Draw flawlessly even with golf balls

    I am not in the Easter tradition, but I am running a small golf club and tagging the balls has been a very popular request since the very beginning. The sphere-o-bot makes this task fast and I have to say…fun.

  7. Avatar of Ferdinand Chaa

    Ferdinand Chaa

    Not for “beginners”

    As the KIT is easy to set up, if you want to “play” a little with the settings, you need some Arduino code knowledge

  8. Avatar of Jonathan G

    Jonathan G

    A lot of fun (when properly configured)

    It takes some time to get it to work, but I enjoyed all the process. It is a very complete “MAKER” kit. Recommended.

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