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B-robot 3 Axis Gyroscope + Accelerometer Module

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The InvenSense MPU-6050 sensor contains a MEMS accelerometer and a MEMS gyro in a single chip. It is very accurate, as it contains 16-bits analog to digital conversion hardware for each channel. Therefor it captures the x, y, and z channel at the same time. The sensor uses the I2C-bus to interface with the Arduino.

The MPU-6050 combines both an accelerometer and a gyro.



The power supply: 3-5 v (internal low voltage difference voltage stabilizing)

Communication: standard IIC communication agreement

Chip built-in 16 bit AD converter, 16 bits of data output

The gyroscope range: + 250 500 1000 2000 ° / s

Acceleration range: ± 2 ± 4 ± 8 ± 16 g


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Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 1 cm
RoHS compliant
Quality PCB


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