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B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug+Play version)

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$105 $93

JJrobots´s B-ROBOT EVO 2 Kit (self-balancing robot). Created to simplify the set up and integration of all the different devices involved in this project.

This COMPLETE VERSION includes all the electronic and hardware components required to create the self-balancing robot. You just need to assemble everything  (optional 3D parts)

What you get when you buy this KIT:

  •  DEVIA Arduino Zero Control Board
  •  USB cable
  •  2x High Quality NEMA17 stepper motors +14 cms cables (pair)
  •  2x Stepper motor driver
  • Powerful servo: Metal gears (you will need an arm to fight and raise your B-robot…)
  • 6x AA Battery case with ON/OFF Switch  (batteries not included)
  • Bolts+nuts needed to set everything up
  • Double side tape, googly eyes…
  • Optional: 3D printed parts 

NEW: control your B-robot using the JJrobots FREE APP! (Android devices) or the iOS APP (for iOS devices)



  • Main frame + others 3D printed parts (Arm, wheels..). All printed with Ingeo 870 PLA filament (more info here). If you tick this box, you will get the 3D printed parts too.


    • 37 $




    • STEM education self-balancing robot : perfect introduction to a robot that solves the inverted pendulum problem. Modify the B-robot EVO 2 as much as you can (both the robot parts themselves or its code) while you have fun!
    • Control it using your smartphone/tablet via the free jjRobots APP (Android) and iTunes (iOS)
    • Google Blockly controllable!
    • Perfect to have fun as you learn robotics (Take a look to the Robotics Challenges!)
    • Now can use regular AA batteries (or a 3 cells LIPO battery)
    • Two SERVO outputs (one used for the ARM). Both can be controlled from the jjRobots APP
    • Easier to print and using less plastic
    • PRO MODE can be activated from your smartphone/Tablet (increased agility and velocity)
    • Increased WIFI range (up to 40 meters)
    • Battery status
    • “Tilt angle” displayed in real time on your smartphone screen




B-robot Wheels. self-balancing robot

self-balancing robot

self-balancing robot saying hi!

Personalize your B-robot to fight, create your own weapons, increase the size of the wheels… it is up to you! Take a look to some parts (and send us yours!)
Customise your own bumper using the online tool at Thingiverse 


B-ROBOT Evo 2 Features:

  • STEM education robot.  In addition to being fun, the B-robot EVO 2 engage beginners and advanced students and incorporate many of the fundamental STEM concepts providing a learning platform that everyone enjoys
  • Control it using your smartphone/tablet using the free jjRobots APP
  • Google Blockly controllable
  • Perfect have fun as you learn about robotics (Take a look to the Robotics Challenges!)
  • Open Robot project: code and 3D design files are open and shared. You could personalize your robot as much as you want.
  • DIY & Hackeable: BROBOT is not a closed final product, BROBOT is an open, modifiable and hackable platform, perfect to learn and play as much as you want!
  • Develop your own apps: You could modify the source code of BROBOT to perform new tasks but the communication protocol is also open so you can develop your own IOS, Android, PC remote apps to control your BROBOT!
  • Learn: BROBOT is a JJROBOTS product and this mean that you will receive a well documented project (source code and external documentation). We want you know all that is happening inside your Robot! This is ideal for learning and teaching technology. We will provide very good documentation. How we are controlling the motors, how we read and integrate the information from gyros and accelerometers, how we are controlling de stability of the robot, how we communicate with the control apps, etc…

– Build with your kids, at school, for yourself… this is a unique gadget. A perfect STEM education robot

– This self balancing robot has a medium size, perfect to carry your own beer (or mineral water ;-))

– There is a community behind BROBOT so you will have a forum to ask questions, share your experiences, MODs/ Hacks and contact other users…

You can use these self balancing robot parts to create more robots or gadgets, keep in mind all the devices used in a BROBOT are standard electronic devices with a lot of potential. In the JJROBOTS community we want to show you how! You are now buying a self balancing robot, you are buying yor a versatile set of electronics and ancillary devices.





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Additional information

Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 12 cm


1 - 5
Amazing Product

Great Product. Received in time and a superb after support by jjrobots

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug+Play version)

Very impressive robot. I have bought 3 units and me and my students love it. The Arduino CODE is both simple but powerful. And the PCB is very customizable. We have been using the wifi connection to control the blinds with the motors included in this KIT 🙂
5 stars!

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

Excellent product, complete, easy to assemble and open to firmware and software upgrade / customization. Very fun and educational! A++++

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

I love your OPEN SOURCE robots (and the way they are designed).
I have been using this Robot without any issue so far. 5 stars!

Nice and Funny

Nice little projekt, it works fine. I had a lot of fun with building and playing.

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

Extremely funny robot. I have added some custom parts to it and keeps the balance. Thanks

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

Thank you for this. Everything perfect *****

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

We are having some fun racing with two of these robots. 😉 Great product

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

Perfect to teach my students about the PID controls. They have been playing with the B-robot PID parameters and seeing how they affect its behaviour. I have been looking for something like this months. Btw: great design

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

Very good product the quality. thank you very much! quickly reached!

Great robot to generate buzz for our makerspace!

We ordered the B-Robot Evo 2 because we had a request to spotlight Arduino Controlled Robots at our makerspace for a television interview. Parts are easy to print and build instructions are easy to follow, especially with the build video available. The Android app is simple and easy to use. This little guy gets a lot of attention and generates a ton of buzz around our makerspace booth. Definitely a fun, open source, hackable project that’s well worth the asking price.

First finished 3D-Printing project

A really nice Robot project for Beginnes of Electronic and Arduino. I printed the parts by my own. This was also a nice work for beginners. The parts are very exact the holes sometimes are to small, baut this is a good result for me because I can drill the holes to the needed diameter. The Evo-kid includes all you Need if you Print by your own. Till not there are Mann add ons and I hope they never end with new one. The. Shipping was very fast. Thanks for this robot. I hab a really positive first project. Sorry for the not complete finished robot on the image. I am still working on it. Printed with Anet A8.

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

Great robot, very easy to follow video on how to build it.
Love the whole idea around it .
i like building things but i am not that good in electronics and programming.
This way its easy and very educational.
The robot has a high fun factor like all the projects here.

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

100% OPEN ROBOT, 200% fun. I thought it will be hard to set it up but I actually enjoyed it

Almost perfect

I have ordered he 3D Parts too. Good printed, but the wheels were too big. I could not put the rubber rings on it. In the video you write ‘It can be done’. For me it couldn’t be done. I have printed another set of wheels with my Ender3 and PLA. They where about 0.5 mm smaller in diameter. Now i could mount the rubber rings. They fit perfectly. Anyway i give you 5 Stars. Good product.


I have modified the frame by myself as this robot make it possible. Great OPEN SOURCE robot guys!

I can customize the robot!

Added my customised bumper!. Great feature jjrobots 😉

Minor problems, but sorted quickly by jjrobots

I had a few problems getting the b-robot to balance properly, and they were sorted in 2 ways: first, ordinary general-purpose AA batteries don\’t have the power reserve to make this work properly (I ended up with a 3-cell LiFe battery pack), and one motor connector fell off the Devia board (immediately replaced by jjrobots with no quibbling at all). Now it runs well!

Fun and Fast!

I never though a robot like this would be this stable and …fast!

Review of B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

Thank you very much for this awesome Robot!!!

Very fast shipment!
Very nice App for Android!
The Code is very good!
Everything is perfect!


Nice with some faults

B-Robot is a nice toy.
But with my shipment is something going wrong.
The shipment takes more then 10 days, okay, its Corona time.
The rubber ring for the wheels are to O-Ring shown on the picture are shown flat rings. So I had to print new wheels.
On the control board the pins for the motor cabel are sold flat on the board. This is very unfirm. I was a little awkward and have to resold the two plugs. Please use holes for the pins in the future. Parts of the conducting path are going away with the connector pins and it was very tricky to find positions for solding.
Finaly the servo is total junk. It do nothing but vibrate. I open it an found that there is no connection between gear and potentiometer. I use an other one out of my spare box.
The robot with the android app works fine now. I would like to have more information for the use of additional sensors and autonomical steering.

Thanks for the feedback! please contact us at info@jjrobots.com for a servo replacement. Regarding the motor headers, we have improved the PCB with wider contact pads. They are now capable of sustaining way more stress than before.
 We have changed to rubber (nitrile) O-rings as they provide way more grit to the wheels than the previous material. Assembly guide updated ;-)

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