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Blimpduino 2.0 Kit

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There are two blimpduino KIT options:

1. Get the Small Blimpduino balloon:

 The KIT will contain the small size 32″ foil balloon and a 300 mAh Lipo battery. Perfect for small rooms. This balloon can lift up to 32 grams. Flying time: up to 20 minutes*

2. Get the Medium Blimpduino balloon:

This KIT comes with a medium size 36″ foil balloon. This balloon can lift 47 grams so can you add up to 10 more grams to the blimpduino. Flying time: up to 35 minutes*


What you get with the blimpduino KIT:

  • Blimpduino Control Board + fixing bolts
  • 3x DC 3.7v brush-less motors (2x CW + 1 x CCW)
  • 4x 45 mm propellers (2x CW + 2 x CCW)
  • Double sided sticky tape/pads
  • Optional: 3.7V 300mAh or 500mAh Lipo Battery
  • Optional: 3D printed gondola
  • Optional: 32″ or 36″ Foil balloon (Max payload: 32 and 47 grams respectively)
  • Do you need a bigger balloon (+payload)? contact us at: info@jjrobots.com
* The flying time is heavily conditioned by the way you fly the blimp. Servo headers included but not soldered (we did not want to add weight unless you need them)

In stock

  • Pick a balloon size: 32" or 36" diameter. Payload: 32 or 47 grams respectively. The small one (32") can handle the weight of the control board, motors and battery but will struggle to lift any additional load. The Medium size balloon can lift up to 15 additional grams, enough to attach a fpv camera, OPENMV camera, servo...

    • 5 $
    • 7 $

    Ultra-light gondola main frame + wings. If you tick this box, you will get the 3D printed parts too. Gondola weight: 7 grams. You can download the stl model and print it by yourself from here

    • 9.651273 $

    Pick a Lipo battery for your KIT:

    • 8.134644 $

    300 mAh 3.7V battery. Weight: 9,7 grams


    • 8.134644 $

    Ok, I am already aware that the 36" balloon can lift the 500mAh battery but I would like an extra battery of just 300 mAh to my KIT.

     Battery weight: 9,7 grams.


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Blimpduino FEATURES:

    • Control board: ATMEL ARM-Cortex M0 powerful processor
    • 4 motor outputs. Max output current: 1 Ampere
    • MPU9250 Nine-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer + Compass) MEMS MotionTracking sensor
    • Built-in USB port Lipo Battery charger. Just connect your blimpduino to any USB port and any 3.7v Lipo battery will be charged.
    • Lidar sensor to measure height (automatic altitude hold). Range up to 4 meters
    • Control it using your smartphone/tablet via the free jjRobots APP (Android /iOS)
    • OPEN SOURCE Arduino coded. Python code to control it available (thoroughly commented)
    • 100% Harmless
    • Powered using a 2 cells LIPO battery (3.7 V)
    • Two SERVO outputs.
    • Increased WIFI range (up to 50 meters)
    • Battery status/ Heading angle/ Height value telemetry
    • Co-operative piloting
LIDAR sensor blimpduino 1
The LIDAR onboard sensor used to keep desired altitude can detect a surface up to 4 meters away. The manufacturer states that 5m range can be achieved but the real tests showed us that a more realistic value is 4 meters. Use the control APP to set the desired altitude and the blimp will automatically navigate keeping that distance from its bottom to the floor or any object on it.


Blimpduino control board (naked)

Blimpduino assembly guide

Control APP (Android)

Control APP (iOS devices)

Blimpduino COMMs protocol details

Control APP user guide

Blimpduino control board SCHEMATIC (v 0.1)

LIDAR Time-of-Flight sensor specifications (pdf)

Blimpduino community (for questions, Mods, add-ons, Code…)

Github repository

Where to get a balloon/ Helium tanks / Refill my balloon


Thingiverse button





Additional information

Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 cm

17 reviews for Blimpduino 2.0 Kit

  1. Ray Carlsborg

    Having fun!

    I have used a balloon I got in the party store and after 5 minutes I was flying it like a champ! Planning to attach a camera soon ;-D

  2. Nuck M.R

    The lightweight makes the difference

    I really like this control board. Everything weights less than 32 grams so any medium balloon can handle the gondola. I got this kit after insisting before it was released but everything worked as intended. I will add a bigger battery and attach it to a larger balloon and fly it in a climbing arena in a week.

  3. Tekka Electronics

    5 stars kit

    First: I got this kit for free to evaluate it. I am trying to be honest here as I have been flying drones since the Arducopter appeared years ago. KIT; Even being a set it up by yourself kit, everything is easy to put together. The control APP works and as it is 100% open you can create your own control APP for your computer. I will love to see how the community provides in the coming months. Good job jjrobots

  4. Stephan

    The airship I needed

    I do not know how to put this in words. The thing is: I was expecting a in way difficult to navigate blimp but I was wrong. You can fly it as slow as you want and controlling its altitude make of the blimpduino a very RELAXING airship to fly. I have been flying it in the warehouse 2 hours. It is a magnet for the people. Very GOOD gadget. Waiting for the IOS APP

  5. Baltran Vosk

    Students learning aeronautics

    I got the KIT 2 weeks ago. By the day it was released. Since it arrived I have been using it to teach my students about the influence of the shape of the hull in any airship. We have used star shaped balloons, ovoids and spherical forms. The blimpduino is capable to handle all of them but adjustments are needed. Just what I wanted to show.

  6. Selma Johnson

    Release the iOS version please!

    I will give the blimpduino a 4 out of 5 due to the lack of iOS control APP 😛 beside that: I love to fly the balloon

  7. Salvador

    I have modified the thrust

    Perfect! But I have to reduce the thrust to make my custom balloon to fly smooth like a feather.

  8. Daniel Kern

    Simply but exciting

    Well, I know the electronics behind the control board are not so simple but the blimp fly like a charm

  9. Valyan


    I have enjoyed a lot assembling the blimp. Keep up the good work!

  10. Xasi Cald


    I had a great time flying the Blimp! I did not have an idea about how easy it is to control it, Such fun! Keep doing so well

  11. John G

    Flying a 2 meters long balloon

    It is quite simple to adapt the blimpduino to a “large” balloon. I have been playing with the PID values in the Arduino code (And I am not an expert on this matters) and after 30 minutes my blimp was flying flawlessly

  12. Clarlotte

    Make it controllable via Bluetooth!

    Fun gadget. Really, But, can you make it controllable via bluetooth plz?

  13. Ricoh Sp.

    Thanks for this!

    I am creating a new gondola for my purposes (attach a camera) I will keep you posted with the process.

  14. Narita Wolddham

    Smartphone needed

    I didn’t know that I had to use my smartphone to control the blimp!

  15. Nauzet Padron


    no probs at all! as smooth as silk

  16. Idafe C

    Perfect for Covid lockdown

    Making the most of this horrible year. We got 2 units to play indoors.

  17. Manuel Sanabria

    Quiet drone

    It is a pleasure to fly it indoor. To land it somewhere in the bedroom and fly it to another room of the house not touching the walls. Relaxing!

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