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JJrobots´s CAMERA SLIDER Kit. Created to simplify the set up and integration of all the different elements involved in this project.

This is a remotely controlled CAMERA SLIDER with tracking system. More info about how it works, here.


What you get when you buy this KIT:

  1. GT2 6mm timing belt. Fibre core. (1,5 m)
  2. 3x V-wheel bearings (type B)
  3. USB cable (1 m)
  4. Camera Screw (D Shaft D-ring 1/4 Inch) + smartphone holder
  5. 2x TMC2208 Ultra-silent Stepper motor driver + Heatsinks
  6. Devia Robotics Control Board
  7. 1x 20 tooth GT2 pulley
  8. M3 bolts (10,15,20 mm long)+nuts SET
  9. 3x M5 25mm bolts SET
  10. 6002RS + 7x 623ZZ ball bearing SET

Optional elements:

  1. 3D printed parts 
  2. 12V 2A power supply (USA/EUR/UK plug type)
  3. Camera swivel mount 
  4. 700 mm 2020 BLACK anodized Aluminium v-slot profile
  5. 2 x NEMA 17 stepper motor (MT-1703HS168A) + 75 cm + 14 cm cable (plug and play connectors)



Save youself the hassle of getting all the elements from different sources. We will supply everything with the correct dimensions and quantities.

  • + 700 mm Black Anodized Aluminium profile

    This is a high quality, black anodized 2020 type aluminium profile. Its black mate surface will help you to avoid reflections if you are filming something too close to the camera (and black looks cooler than regular aluminium)

    With the KIT, we include, 1500 mm of GT2 timing belt (fibre core), the right amount of belt for this profile length.

    • 19 $

    + 3D printed parts SET 

    You can print by yourself all the frame´s parts, but if you want to get them from us, just tick the box below. We have used High Resistance Ingeo 870 PLA filament (+info here) to print the parts, cleaned and tolerance tested them all so you will not have any problems assembling your Camera Slider KIT

    • 35 $

    + 2x NEMA17 motors + Cables

    You can use any compatible NEMA17 motor to create your Camera Slider, but if you want to save the hassle of getting custom cables from somewhere else (and want to get them fast), get the motors and cables (75+14 cms) from jjRobots ticking the box below

    • 26 $

    + Camera Swivel 

    If you want to easily point your smartphone anywhere, get the mount swivel. Just attach it to the platform and find the perfect orientation

    • 9 $

    + 12V/ 2A  Power Supply

    There are quite common, but if you want us to include one with your custom KIT, pick the right one for your country (USA / EUR / UK)

    • 0 $
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  1. 100% Open Source. Modify any element of this Camera Slider. Change the rail, enlarge it, modify its pan speed. Everything can be adjusted to your needs.
  2. Arduino based control board: The Arduino code is easy to understand and even easier to modify.
  3. 3D printed frame. Everything but the aluminium rail (and bolts + ball bearings) can be created using your own 3D printer.
  4. With object tracking capability. It can track any object in from of the camera, not matter how close it is.
  5. Remotely controlled: adjust the speed, tracking parameters from your smartphone using the free control APP (for iOs and Android devices).
  6. Lightweight and portable. Tripod ready.

Camera Slider KIT with DSLR camera




Control it using the free APP

APP user guide here

Useful LINKS:

Info about how to upload to the Arduino board (latest code) in the Assembly guide


Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 cm


1 - 5
It does the same than way more expensive sliders

I have been using it 2 weeks and I love it. It does the same than Professional sliders but for the 5th part of their prices

Thanks for this CAMERA SLIDER!

I really wanted to use my camera for short videos of my products. This slider was MORE THAN ENOUGH. The tracking object works like a charm 🙂

I am using it with my webcam on top :-D

Beside using it with my LUMIX camera for timelapse videos. I have attached my webcam to the moving platform and my skypes conferences can show much more than before 😀

Arduino Hobbyist

Well-though-out and engineered Camera Slider kit. Incredible combination of slider hardware, 3-D printed plastic parts, steppers, an Arduino, and a WiFi telemetry sketch with cellphone App from one single source. Definitely easy for somebody with intermediate level kit building skills. Putting the stepper motor timing tape out of the way inside the slider rail was brilliant.

Slider code.

Thank you Jjrobot team for you r great work, slider is really good. but there is an improvement have to be done to properly track the object. There is a wrong calculation made in the code for Y_MOTOR_REDUCTION option in the Configuration.h file. We have to use 10.0000000 as we have 100 teeth on the main gear and 10 teeth on the pinion. after this if you change this – objects will be tracked properly (tested with laser pointer ticket to the slider platform it stays in the same place during the movement). I’ve attached a screenshot of my changes, would be useful for other people who made this slider. Best regards, Igor

Working! and nicely!

I got two 1 meter round bar from my local store, printed everything and downloaded the APP. THIS IS THE BEST diy CAMERA SLIDER I have found so far (And I am always researching) GREAT JOB jjRobots!

Impressive and well designed camera slider

I thought a 3D printed camera slider would not be sturdy enough but I was wrong. The tracking object feature makes the difference

Stable and smooth!

I got this kit a week ago. It took 40 min to set it up. Easy. I have been using my iphone to take time-lapse photos and everything went smooth like butter. I love this project.

The 5 stars will be well deserved!

La documentation fournie et les pièces proposées permettent de fabriquer un vrai slider motorisé à un prix compétitif. Pour ma part je l’ai réalisé avec des rails acier de 1m, ce qui permet un déplacement maxi de la caméra d’environ 90 cms. Parfait avec une camera d’action (YI, gopro, etc) ou Osmo Pocket (voir ma vidéo de test, ici, le rail supportant une camera Lumix GX80 : https://youtu.be/nm3fFSaUyag ) Sur une telle longueur l’utilisation d’un DLSR est moins conseillée le poids de l’ensemble étant élevé : on attend impatiemment que JJROBOTS donne les plans pour un slider utilisant des rails de 14 ou 16 mm (ma pratique de fusion 360 ne m’a pas permis de modifier les pièces comme je l’aurais souhaité) ! Enfin, il faut prévoir de rehausser les pieds de quelques millimètres car le moteur central navigue trop près du sol. La conception du “brain” est excellente et le tout peut facilement être placé dans une petite boite. Attention toutefois à la fixation des câbles des moteurs, fragile et difficile à sécuriser (ça m’a coûté l’achat d’un brain supplémentaire !). Pas de problème particulier avec l’application. A mon avis les points suivants permettraient cependant de la rendre parfaite : – pas de pré remplissage par défaut des champs Y et X (qui ne conviennent jamais !) – positionner le champ X avant le champ Y (simple logique !) – enfin autoriser l’entrée d’une valeur négative pour le “rail lenght”, ce qui permettrait de démarrer en sens inverse où que se trouve le chariot sur le rail. Les 5 étoiles seront alors largement méritées ! Dernier point, et non des moindres, l’équipe est réactive et à l’écoute, ce qui est bien agréable lorsqu’on rencontre une difficulté !

The documentation provided and the parts offered make it possible to manufacture a real motorized slider at a competitive price. For my part I realized it with steel rails of 1m, which allows a maximum displacement of the camera of about 90 cms. Perfect with an action camera (YI, gopro, etc.) or Osmo Pocket (see my test video, here, the rail supporting a Lumix GX80 camera: https://youtu.be/nm3fFSaUyag) On such a length the use of a DLSR is less advisable the weight of all being high: we wait anxiously that JJROBOTS gives the plans for a slider using rails of 14 or 16 mm (my practice of fusion 360 m did not allow to modify the rooms as I would have liked)! Finally, it is necessary to plan to raise the feet by a few millimeters because the central engine is sailing too close to the ground. The design of the “brain” is excellent and everything can easily be placed in a small box. Be careful, however, the fixing of the cables of the engines, fragile and difficult to secure (it cost me the purchase of an additional brain!). No particular problem with the application. In my opinion the following points, however, would make it perfect: – no default prefilling of the Y and X fields (which are never suitable!) – position the X field before the Y field (simple logic!) – finally allow the entry of a negative value for the “rail lenght”, which would start in the opposite direction wherever the trolley on the rail. The 5 stars will be well deserved! Last but not least, the team is responsive and attentive, which is nice when you encounter a difficulty!


Please release the iOS control APP!

Everything is perfect. Smooth and easy to modify but please release the iOS control APP version asap!

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