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JJrobots´s CAMERA SLIDER Kit. Created to simplify the set up and integration of all the different devices involved in this project.

This is a remotely controlled CAMERA SLIDER with tracking system. Two motors will be in charge of moving a platform where you can attach your smartphone/GOPRO or DSLR camera and, at the same time, pan it tracking an object.

What you get when you buy this KIT:

  •  jjRobots Brain Shield 
  •  Arduino Leonardo CLONE (already programmed)  + USB cable 
  • 2x High Quality NEMA17 stepper motors 70+14 cms cables (pair)
  • 2x A4988 Stepper motor driver
  • 12V 2A power supply (USA/EUR/UK plug)
  • 3x LM8UU linear ball bearing bushings
  • Bolts+nuts needed to set everything up
  • GT2 6mm timing belt (1,4 m)
  • 1x 20 tooth GT2 pulley
  • 1x 608 circular bearing
  • 2x 623 circular bearing
  • Optional: 1x CAMERA screw (D Shaft D-ring 1/4 Inch) : needed if you want to attach a SLR/DSLR camera to the moving platform)
  • Optional: 3D printed parts 
  • Optional: 2x 8mm (5/16 inch) 700mm inox steel round bars
  • Optional: 6x AA Battery case with ON/OFF Switch  (batteries not included)




Save you the hassle of getting all the elements from different sources. We will supply everything with the correct dimensions and quantities.

  • Main frame + others 3D printed parts (rotating platform, smartphone adapter, gear,pulley...). All printed with Rigid.ink filament. If you tick this box, you will get the 3D printed parts too. 3D models available here

    • 43.0885 $

    Inox Steel round bars 2x (8mm - 5/16 inches diameter) 700 mm. You will get with your kit, 2 units so you don´t have to worry getting them somewhere else. 

    • 23.3909 $

    I want to take the Camera Slider everywhere so, please include the battery holder (6x AA batteries). Batteries not included.

    • 6.1555 $

    Add the D-Shaft D-ring 1/4 Inch Camera Screw for DSLR Camera/ Case. You will need it to attach a DSLR/SLR CAMERA  to the moving platform. If you are planning to use a GOPRO/ smartphone to take the photos/videos, this item is not needed.

    • 6.1555 $

    Select a power supply PLUG type for your CAMERA SLIDER kit



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    • Motorized CAMERA SLIDER
    • Tracking object capable: learn more here
    • Remotely control it using your smartphone/tablet via the free jjRobots APP
    • Movement speed variable in real time from the smartphone
    • Delayed start (15 sec): get enough time to place your smartphone on the moving platform before it starts to move
    • Make it portable: can use regular AA batteries battery holder (or a 3 cells LIPO battery)
    • Suitable for GOPRO/ DSLR/SLR cameras and any smartphone.
    • Minimum moving speed: 0.01 mm/sec (perfect for time lapsed videos)
    • Open Source / Arduino based: the code, 3D parts and electronics are 100% open. Feel free to modify everything is you need to.
Suitable for any CAMERA / Smartphone / GOPRO

Control it using the free APP

APP user guide here

Useful LINKS:

Assembly GUIDE

Control APP link (Google Play). iOS version coming soon

Control APP user guide

3D parts repository

Arduino CODE: info about how to upload to the Arduino board in the Assembly guide


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 70 x 10 x 10 cm


Working! and nicely!

I got two 1 meter round bar from my local store, printed everything and downloaded the APP. THIS IS THE BEST diy CAMERA SLIDER I have found so far (And I am always researching) GREAT JOB jjRobots!

Impressive and well designed camera slider

I thought a 3D printed camera slider would not be sturdy enough but I was wrong. The tracking object feature makes the difference

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