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iBoardbot. The internet controlled whiteboard robot

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The iBoardbot is a robot connected to the internet capable of writing texts and drawing with great precision. Also, it can erase in a quick and effective way. Send to your iBoardbot your information from any part of the world. As it has a multi-user interface you can also play and challenge your kids, use it as a collaborative notice board or as a twitter wall in your shop window.


Take a look to a LIVE DEMO of the  iBoardbot control WebApp here*

*The above WebApp link does not belong to any real iBoarbot. Play with it as much as you want


  • Drawing mode: It can precisely draw what you assign to it. Different users will be able to collaborate with the drawing at the same time from different devices and world places. No matter how far the drawer is; the drawing precision will be as if the drawer himself was holding the pen with his hands


  • Graphics mode: Upload and draw your own graphics using the iBoardbot´s webAPP!


  • Text mode: Send any text. The iBoardbot will adjust it to the right size so it can fit on the board and it will draw it using its own font. Just type it and click/tap on SEND


  • IFTTT integrated: Why not send the subject of an email you just have received to the iBoardbot? Or use the iBoardbot as a Twitter wall? Or write the last SMS you have got? Or display the temperature of your home? the weather forecast maybe? The last tweet from your favourite music band? or… there are as many possibilities as possible recipes. Create your own recipe!



The iBoardbot KIT

The kit is easy to assemble in an hour or so, and only requires a couple of basic tools like screwdrivers  plus internet access to control the iBoardbot

kit version final
iBoardbot KIT

The KIT includes:

All you need to create your own IBoardbot. Just follow the assembly instructions in order to set it up (the glass of your choice can be added to the KIT as an option.See below). With this KIT you won´t have problems getting the right cables, power supply, belts, bushings, bolts…It is just assembling 

  • GT2 timing belt (two segments of 53+100 cms)
  • pulley gt2 20 tooth
  • 608 bearing
  • 623 bearing
  • Stainless steel round bar (8mmØ,450mm length)
  • 2x round anodized aluminium tube (6mmØ, 205 mm length)
  • 4x 30 cms servo cable extender
  • 2x 1.8deg HIGH QUALITY NEMA 17 Stepper motors (40mm length) (4.4Kg/cm torque)
  • Motor cables (14+70 cms length do the job)
  • 2x SG90 servo
  • DEVIA Control Board
  • 2x A4988 Stepper motor drivers
  • Power supply 12v/2A
  • 2x copper bushing (8x11×22)
  • 6mm M3 bolts
  • 16mm M3 bolts
  • M3 nuts
  • 1x M3 self locking nuts
  • fabric wipers


  • 3mm wide/100mm long zip ties (~x10)
  • 5mmØ cable wrap (~90 cms)
  • 1x Staedtler MARKER (black)

 NOTE: There is an almost-fully assembled iBoardbot version. Your customised iBoadbot, with a coloured glass of your choice (Orange, green, white or yellow) Including cloud service. You will get what you see, a “Plug and Draw” robot!



  • Select a power supply PLUG type for your iBoardbot 

    • 0 $

    Yes! please include the tempered glass board with the KIT

    • 21.772431 $
    • 4.626642 $

    All printed with Ingeo 870 PLA filament (more info here). Stronger and with higher impact strength than regular PLA.

    • 39 $
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The iBoardbot is a robot based on an Arduino board (atmega32u4) with a wifi module with the ability to connect to cloud services. When you write a text in the app or draw with your fingers, this information is sent to the servers (in the CLOUD) then, is processed (vectorization) and splitted into smaller packets of data that are sent to the iBoardbot in order to draw your message in almost real time.

There is a queue of pending tasks for every single robot in the server. The iBoardbot robot handles this queue, so you don´t need to wait to send new tasks!

This is a 2D drawing robot with a simple design and a great accuracy. It uses stepper motors, bearings and timing belts as its mechanical structure.

This “display robot” has an integrated eraser in the drawing header so you can wipe the board automatically and continuously send as many messages or graphics as you want! 

The Software/Code: We will provide an open API, so developers can easily make the most of it to generate powerful applications (a weather forecast display, wall info from your social networks, games…)

The iBoardbot firmware is open source and the server protocol isopen as well, so you can hack it to your needs or set up your own cloud services. Furthermore, we will provide (as we do with all our projects in JJRobots) “how it works” and technical documents so people can learn robotics with this project while having fun!

Control your iBoardbot using your smartphone/tablet


The iBoardbot robot shares almost all of its parts and 100% of its electronics with the B-robot EVO, the fastest -remotely controlled- Self Balancing robot. Create your own B-robot after assembling the iBoardbot!

DIY Brobot


open source 3


  iBoardbot KIT assembly guide

 GO TO iBoardbot WebAPP user guide

GO TO iBoardbot Connectivity wizard guide


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 16 × 10 cm

19 reviews for iBoardbot. The internet controlled whiteboard robot

  1. Avatar of Scott Donovan

    Scott Donovan

    This is a GREAT project! customers get caught by the way it draws the twitter messages.

  2. Avatar of DaveTheK


    Of my many Kickstarter projects, this one of the best – accurately machined, well-designed, robust software, and pretty enough to put on my desk. Well done jjrobots, this is a very nice project!

  3. Avatar of RobotekUSA


    I am sharing the webapp link so anyone can draw on the iBoardbot of my store front X-DDD

  4. Avatar of Jonathan Reka

    Jonathan Reka

    GREAT display. Having a lot of fun! One of my favourite KICKSTARTER PROJECT EVER

  5. Avatar of dave


    I love this twitter wall. Getting a lot of attention on my front desk.

  6. Avatar of Albert Tane

    Albert Tane

    4.5 Start out of 5! More colour of your choice for the glass would make this robot perfect 😉

  7. Avatar of Bernard Skitt

    Bernard Skitt

    G-R-E-A-T robot. Funny and “hackeable” as much as you want. You have spent time designing it, I can see that.

  8. Avatar of Cusack


    Working perfectly! 😉

  9. Avatar of Alistair Plee

    Alistair Plee

    I am using it as a front window “magnet” for the customers >:-D Gets a lot of attention

  10. Avatar of Albert


    I got a problem with a 3D printed part by jjrobots solved it the same day (thanks)

  11. Avatar of John


    As expected

    I saw one of the iboardbot in a Maker Faire. I got it in time and worked as expected

  12. Avatar of Fatih Kamel

    Fatih Kamel

    I love my iBoardbot

    I got it without the 3D parts. Printed everything with wooden PLA and leave it on my desk. Nice and easy!

  13. Avatar of Samuel


    Must have Kit😄😄😄I bought the ultimate kit. Started with iboard. Then bought a new 3d printer to print parts as mine was playing up. After the build I have a few glitches so contacted the guys at jjrobots. It took a bit communication with them via email as I could not join forum easily. Eventually it got sorted and my iboard works fantastic and it is flawless; Use the connection guide for the green breakout board even if you have the blue board. I couldn’t have done it without their support. I am an educator so will be sharing it with my colleagues in college.

  14. Avatar of Billy

    Billy (verified owner)

    iBoardBotThis was a fun build, and works great. I printed out the parts myself, but everything went pretty smoothly. Quick shot with the heat gun to make sure things fit. Everyone loves it! Might get myself another.

  15. Avatar of Larry Clark

    Larry Clark

    iBoardbotThis was a Christmas gift for my son…he loves it and I love the great customer service…thanks, Veronica!

  16. Avatar of Chocarrat


    IBOARDBOT EXPERIENCEGratamente sorprendido con la experiencia desde el comienzo, el proceso y el resultado. He montado la iboardbot con componentes que tenia de proyectos previos. Adquirí la brain shield de jjrobots y el servicio cloud, y todo ha ido fenomenal. He tenido algún que otro problema técnico, que gracias a la excelente atención prestada por el equipo de jjrobots se ha resuelto satisfactoriamente. Recomiendo a todo el que tenga una cierta inquietud con este tipo de proyectos, que se lance a montarlo, ya que no es especialmente difícil. Enhorabuena por el concepto y el diseño.

  17. Avatar of Fatal Fallacy

    Fatal Fallacy

    Great, fun display!Had lots of fun building it. Printed the 3D-parts myself with PLA+, which came out great. Unfortunately one of the servos was stuck, replaced it with another. After some fiddling with the belt tension, results are astonishing. The webapp is meh, but does the job. Anyhow seems very picky with svgs apart from the ones supplied, no success with both Inkscape and PhotoLine .svg exports so far for me. Instructions were clear, setup was flawless. Absolute recommendation and a must have build, this thing is awesome!

  18. Avatar of Curt R

    Curt R (verified owner)

    iBoardBot — awesomeI have had an iBoardbot for almost three years now and it has become a part of the family. That is why I was sad when my robo-vac caught the cord and pulled it down and broke it recently (Yes, my own un-intended robo-war here at home!!!). Anyway, the guys at JJRobots were EXTREMELY helpful, courteous, and kind in assiting me to get it running again and I am happy to say it now lives! Technically speaking, the project is very sweet. I am an arduino hack myself and I appreciate the slickness of their code. It is extremely efficient, fast and accurate. This is the coolest project ever, and I highly recommend it for anybody who likes gadgets.

  19. Avatar of Charles Holland

    Charles Holland

    Using IFTTT Webhook recipes make it …versatile

    Basically, it is a x-y plotter. Nothing to add. BUT! the erasing + the possibility to conenct it to IFTTT Webhook channel makes it very very versatile. 4 stars!

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