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This is an OPEN SOURCE / 3D printed Scara Robotic Arm Kit. Arduino M0 based and created using common elements from the Makers3D printers World. Controlled by the DEVIA Robotics board and programmed in Python. All the control APPs are freely available for any Windows and macOS system.

NOTE: This is a fully working Scara type Arm. We are still polishing + adding customer´s request features to the control APPs (for PC and smartphones/tables) Stay tuned for software updates. 


  • Robot frame total height: 270 mm.
  • Nº of axis: 3 (arm) + 2 (clamp)
  • Working height with the clamp mounted: 145 mm
  • Arm (extended) length: 24 cm
  • Working area: 1190 cm2
  • Horizontal max. speed: 220 mm/s
  • Vertical max speed: 55 mm/s
  • Total Weight: 2120 grams
  • Repeatability (mm): 0.4 mm
  • Maximum Payload Capacity (arm extended) = approx. 150 g
  • Range of motion per axis: Arm: ~190° Forearm: ~280°
  • Driving motors: 3x NEMA17 1.8° stepper motor
  • Gripper / Actuator drivers: 2x SG90 /MG90 / MG92R servos

What you get with the KIT:

Some elements are optional as we wanted you to save money if you already have them. The 3D printed parts SET is optional too (the 3D models are available here). If you tick all the option boxes below and pick a power supply, you will get everything you need to create your own Scara Robot Arm

  • SCARA Arm 3D printed parts SET (optional)
  • 3x Steel Rod (Stainless 304/306) Ø 8 mm 250 mm (optional)
  • 3x NEMA 17 stepper motor (MT-1703HS168A) (optional)
  • 12V/2A Power supply with 2.1 mm POWER JACK (optional)
  • LIDAR distance sensor + i2C cable (based in the VL53L0X module) (optional)
  • 2x MOTOR CABLES (45 cm)
  • 1x MOTOR CABLES (14 cm)
  • 2x 16 teeth GT2 pulley 
  • 2x Linear Bearing LM8UU 
  • 1x Linear Bearing LM8LUU
  • 5x Circular Ball bearing 623zz 
  • 1x Circular Ball bearing 608zz 
  • 3x Circular Ball bearing 6002RS
  • 2x SERVO carbon gears MG92R
  • 1x Threaded Steel Rod (Z axis) + nut Ø 8 mm 200 mm
  • 3x Timing belt 280 GT2
  • 2x Cable SERVO extender 50 cm
  • 1x Cable wrap 50 cm
  • 1x Aluminium axis coupler (8to5)
  • 1x Evo Foam 15 × 30 mm (to increase the gripper friction)
  • 4x Rubber bands (25 mm diameter approx.)
  • DEVIA control Board
  • 3x Motor drivers A4988 + heat sinks
  • USB cable 1 m (micro USB connector)
  • Set of M3 BOLTS, WASHERS and NUTS  (6, 10, 15, 40 mm) + Allen Keys

Optional elements:

  • + 3D printed parts SET 

    You can print by yourself all the frame´s parts, but if you want to get them from us, just tick the box below. We have used High Resistance Ingeo 870 PLA filament (+info here) to print the parts, cleaned and tolerance tested them all so you will not have any problems assembling your SCARA Robotic arm

    • 60 $

    Add 3x NEMA 17 motors + Cables

    You can use any compatible NEMA17 motor to create your SCARA Robotic Arm, but if you want to save the hassle of getting custom cables from somewhere else and want to get them fast, get the motors from jjRobots ticking the box below

    • 36.702636 $

    + 3x Stainless Steel 250mm Ø8mm round bars

    Cutting steel is not an easy task. We have measured, cut and deburred the ends of these stainless steel (grade 304) rounds bars so you do not have to do it. If you want a set of 3, just tick the box below.

    • 14.681055 $

    + 1x LIDAR distance sensor & i2C cable     

    This laser sensor will allow the Gripper to know the distance from its base to the ground plane, providing a precise height value of any object located below the gripper. Accuraccy +-3mm. Update rate: 20 Hz

    • 9.5 $

    I will need a power supply too

    We will add a reliable 12V, 2A power supply to your order if you select one below (Pick a plug type)

    • 0 $


Robotic Arm KIT elements

pyBot Robotic Arm KIT contents

pyBot Robotic Arm dimensions
Lateral and Top view of the SCARA Robotic arm. This robot needs three NEMA17 stepper motors and 2 servos (SG90/MG90 or SG92R) widely accessible anywhere.


pyBot Robotic Arm connection diagram
General diagram: how everything is connected



Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 7 cm


1 - 5
great robot and exceptional support

Bought this robot with no previous experience in the field. It was fun to assemble it (very easy) and learning the details on the way. Great the option to be able to connect to the board with USB or Wifi, gives a lot of flexibility. Robot arm is precise and fast, can be controlled with python by simple commands. Direct joint control or world coordinate X,Y,Z can be used, the reverse kinematic is solved on the Devia board. Also trajectories can be specified…. all you need to learn, make experience and develop great projects!

I got the prototype as contributor

First, I have to clarify that I got the alpha version of this robot. I have been mounting jjRobots since the first one. Long version short: this is the best Robotic Arm you can get in the market. OPEN source, 3D printer-made (most parts), Python written, and Arduino based. It has everything. And the electronics can be used in many other projects.

Fun and educational

We got 2 units (with out 3D printed parts) and everything just went PERFECT. The support team was always there and they have modified the assembly guide after our comments.

the 3D printed parts are simply AWESOME

I love the robot and everything but I have to appreciate the quality of the 3D parts SET. I read that they were printed with Ingeo PLA instead the regular one but, boy… Check the photo below. Not a single layer shift/ over or under-extrusion. I have been printing 6 years but never got this close to a perfect printing.


Plenty of possibilities

I am just printing a longer arm to use with the Robot. Being a 3D printed robot makes it extremely modifiable.

Great SCARA type Robotic Arm

Fast shipping and fantastic robotic Arm. Sorry for the mistake fulfilling the delivery address field!

Even precise with plastic parts

Sorry for my English. I got only the electronic and hardware elements. No motors. No steel bars. I got them locally. And I can see jjRobots designed the robot to be used almost with any configuration. Thanks!

5 stars

I bought the elements separately (Devia board, motors) and at the end, it was a mistake. But fixable! The cables makes the difference and all the different elements involved in the project, I think should be “supervised” by someone who know. I mean, the aliexpress items come with certain tolerances and that made setting everything up a little bit harder than it should. I am speaking of my case, I never got the jjRobots full kit.

The third robot I create from jjrobots

This was my 3rd robot created from jjRobot. I just got the devia control board as I got everything I needed from the previously purchased kits :-D. This is a top notch Robotic Arm. For a 3D printed robot…it is extremely fast and precise

The mechanical design is flawless but...

I got the “almost” full kit: power supply, steel bars, motors, everything but the 3D parts and LIDAR sensor (out of stock) and I have to say that I needed to step on some bearings so I could introduce them properly. I was aware of the tolerance requirement with the 3D parts but even printing slowly It was a little bit hard. In the KITs defense I will state that I was using cheap PLA filament and there was burr everywhere, so I can not blame anyone but me. Beside that, I really like the robot. I will upload a video soon.

Add the suction cup actuator

I REALLY like the robot but I think it needs a suction cup. It will add a lot of potential grabbing small elements with plain surfaces. I will come back when it is ready and give the project 5 stars

I did not know I needed the 3D parts to complete the KIT

Everything was fine but I thought the 3D printed parts were optional. 4/5

I got it after 10 days NOT 3

I like the robot but first: -It took me more than 3 hours to assemble it (not 2 as stated) – I got it after 10 days, not 3 as offered in the checkout. So I will give the KIT 3 stars

I took more than expected to get here

The robot is working. The software is powerful and easy to use but the packet took 4 more days than declared in the checkout. So 3 stars

Hi Cillian. Sorry for that, as your payment was done via wire transfer, it took 3 days to get to our bank. Once received we sent the packet right away. A confirmation email was sent.

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