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Remotely controlled torch


This is a remotely controlled torch pointer (can be changed for a Laser pointer). Can be moved from your smartphone using the JJrobots FREE app available in Google Play or using OSCtouch (or equivalent OSC software).

  NEW: control your robot using the FREE JJrobots google APP (android devices)!


  • maximum range: up to 50-60 meters.
  • It is portable if you use a small 7-9volts battery (Lipo/Alkaline/…) Drive your neighbour´s cat crazy from a distance by placing the robot on the roof! >:-)

This KIT includes:

  • jjRobots Electronic Brain Shield 3.0
  • Arduino Leonardo (compatible) + USB cable
  • Battery connector (make it portable!)
  • 2x Servos


  • 3D parts + CASE + bolts
  • Torch (batteries included)

Out of stock


3D parts model available here
3D parts model available here

See the torch pointer in action (mounting a laser in the video):


Torch pointer assembly guide

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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  1. Clarlotte

    It is fine…but

    I guess the lack of precision is due to the SERVO itself. It is fun and fast but do not try to point to the same point several times

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