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Laser Pointer / Gimbal / 2-axis tracking Robot

We always wanted to “evolve” the laser/torch pointer robot. It lacked of precision and speed. As the NEMA17 motors are widely available we decided to use them to create this project.

Basically, this robot can control with accuracy (no backlash) and at high speeds any “pointing” element you want to attach to it: a torch, camera, a laser, nerf gun, a stick… It is an Arduino based project. The control APP has been written in Python and the 3D printed parts are easy to print (no support needed). We are still working on it. If you want to contribute with ideas or comments, let us know on our social network sites (links below)


Current state of development:

  • We have created the interface and calibration method to use the laser pointer robot as a tracking device for celestial objects. The Stellarium software provides the perfect UI. You just only need to select any object in the night sky with Stellarium and the laser pointer will show you where it is (planets, artificial satellites, constellations…).
  • We have attached a low wattage red laser to the robot and remotely controlled it so the cat can spend hours playing with the dot. You can even create the movement patterns and activate it when the cat needs some exercise!
  • Using your smartphone you can move the laser according to the mobile’s internal accel/gyros sensor. The robot can be connected to the smartphone via WIFI.
  • We are using OPENCV to detect features and track them automatically with a camera


Some renders of the laser pointer robot (with a GoPro Camera):

Useful Links:

NOTE: we will keep uploading CODE, BOM … etc as soon as we sort everything out 😛


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