First, the EMPTY template. This template represents the whole egg´s surface you can draw on with the Sphere-o-bot. Use it to create your own designs. Click here to download it (.svg file)


Some designs for the Sphere-o-bot (SVG format), just download them right clicking on them and SAVE IMAGE AS…



kistka loops zigzagdissolve mirror traditional3 Plaid1 traditional4 honeycomb basic


Garish overkill3 Garish overkill3 honeycomb basic traditional4 Plaid1 traditional3 zigzagdissolve mirror kistka loops

urround filled alternating2

FlowerVine A

Open Plaid FlowerVine4 urround filled alternating34 op art 2
hilbert curvepeano gosper3swirlegg3starwars imperial2StarsVine-2Star Wars The Force Awakens logo

Angry Birds2panther pawwarning2pattern 800

Feel free to send us your design to We will add it to this repository 😉

Attributions:  SnoBahr, hilbert, dnewman, linuxwrangler, jjrobots, Lenore, Kellbot, R0b0Genius, Official Eggbot webpage
Angry Birds4warning5swirlegg2starwars imperialStarsVine 1Star Wars The Force Awakens logopattern-8004panther pawomelet