The B-robot EVO goes OFF-ROAD

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Aaaand the B-robot EVO off-road version is here.


It has been easy to modify the original B-robot EVO adding new Off-road wheels (regular 83 mm diameter RC buggy wheels, quite easy to get and inexpensive). If you already have a B-robot, just modified the parameters indicated below in its code or upload this slightly modified CODE version to the Arduino:  BROBOT OFFROAD 

NOTE: We have used these NUTs to fix the wheels (working nicely so far)

Look for RC wheels (buggy car). 83 mm diameter (or so)
Create your Off-road Brobot!: Look in internet for RC wheels (buggy car). 83 mm diameter (or so) to turn your Brobot into a off road beast



B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)
B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)
B-Robot EVO KIT (Plug and Play Robot version)

JJrobots´s B-ROBOT EVO 2 Kit. Created to simplify the set up and integration of all the different devices involved in this project.

This COMPLETE VERSION includes all the electronic and hardware components required to create the B-Robot. You just need to assemble everything  (optional 3D parts)

What you get when you buy this KIT:

  •  jjRobots Brain Shield 
  •  Arduino Leonardo (CLONE) + USB cable (already programmed)
  •  2x High Quality NEMA17 stepper motors +14 cms cables (pair)
  •  2x Stepper motor driver
  •  IMU (gyro+accelerometers) + custom cable
  • Optional: 3D printed parts (vibrant colours)
  • Powerful servo: Metal gears (you will need an arm to fight and raise your B-robot…)
  • 6x AA Battery case with ON/OFF Switch  (batteries not included)
  • Bolts+nuts needed to set everything up
  • Pair of nylon bumpers (14×5 cms)
  • Double side tape, googly eyes…


NEW: control your B-robot using the JJrobots FREE APP! (Android devices) or the Roverbot APP (for iOS phones. not official)



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jjRobots electronic brain shield v3.1 (Devia)
jjRobots electronic brain shield v3.1 (Devia)
jjRobots electronic brain shield v3.1 (Devia)

JJrobots´s Brain SHIELD. Created to simplify the set up and integration of all the different devices involved in the jjrobots projects.

This SHIELD has:

  • TWO stepper motor OUTPUTs 
  • I2C communications
  • Push button (customisable)
  • SENSOR port (SONAR, IR…)
  • ESP12-E (ESP8266) WIFI module (you can communicate to this SHIELD from any smartphone/tablet/PC using it)

Some OPEN robots you can create with this Brain Shield:

  • B-ROBOT EVO 2 is a remotely controlled self-balancing arduino robot created with 3D printed parts. With only two wheels, B-ROBOT is able to maintain his balance all the time by using his internal sensors and driving the motors. You can control your Robot, making him moving or spinning,  by sending command through a Smartphone, Tablet or PC while he keeps the balance.

    The fastest self balancing robot (remotely controlled using your smartphone). Take a look to its skills!


  • The iBoardbot is an internet controlled robot capable of writing+drawing (and wiping!) on a glass surface.2
  • Remotely controlled Torch/ Laser robot: Laser pointer is a remotely controlled Arduino robot created with 3D printed parts. With only two servos, this robot is able to point any object in the X and Y axis.


  • Sphere-O-Bot: The Sphere-O-bot is a friendly art robot that can draw on spherical or egg-shaped objects from the size of a ping pong ball to a large duck egg (4-9 cm).

The Sphere-O-Bot is a simple 2 axis drawing machine that can draw on most spherical surfaces. You can use it to decorate balls or eggs.

  • Many more to come!


NOTE: There are FULL ROBOT KITS ready to be sent to you in the SHOP (scroll down to the very end of this page to see them too)


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New parameters (they have been modified to reduce its stability, the new wide wheels improve its stability so we need to make the robot more agile) :

#define MAX_THROTTLE 580
#define MAX_STEERING 150

#define MAX_THROTTLE_PRO 850

#define MAX_STEERING_PRO 250

// Default control terms
#define KP 0.19
#define KD 28
#define KP_THROTTLE 0.07
#define KI_THROTTLE 0.04

// Control gains for raiseup (the raiseup movement requiere special control parameters)
#define KP_RAISEUP 0.16
#define KD_RAISEUP 44
#define KP_THROTTLE_RAISEUP 0 // No speed control on raiseup


Control your B-robot EVO with the NEW Google Play APP (Android devices)


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