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What are educational robots?

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What are educational robots

Modern societies have contemporary necessities. In this order educational robots are part of the new development tendencies in the present time. Nowadays the knowledge transmission can be faced from different points of view. The first uses devices to reinforce the traditional educative system while the second utilizes diverse tools to promote the auto learning with or without direct human supervision.

The world moves forward at huge steps and today we have been able to design machines that can simulate the human thought and intelligence. They are prepared to take decisions based on a big amount of variables. These resolutions affect an immense number of areas: handling of information; traffic on streets, avenues, roads and highways; medical activities and more.

The whole mentioned progress is combined with a great variety of electronic mechanisms directly interconnected or making giant networks and data bases. The objective of these structures is to establish correlations and detect patterns that can be used to offer alternatives to the situations we are living at this moment. The idea is to get the best advantage of the environment.


Last generation tools for the humankind evolution

These modern utensils capture, process and transmit real information and they are limited merely by the man imagination. However, the option diversities need to be enlarged continually to get and manage additional data. To succeed on that determination we require learning massively how to design, produce and extent new implements that perhaps have not been understood until now.

This capacity is precisely established by means of educational robots that allow us to look at the technological universe backside and move from simple spectators to main stars or, in other words, from final users to cocreators. The robotic, electronic and electromechanic development is a deep need that can be satisfied in an industrial level through impressing companies.

On a less massive intention, individuals and small organizations devotedly work with the same purpose. They are willing to share facts and discoveries. And using Internet they spread out their experiences, facilitating to create recent aspects in this always growing sector of knowledge.

Educational robots


jjRobots in the middle of the innovative challenges

This company staff defends and cultivates open software and hardware creation culture. They encourage their personnel to make apparatuses that can be modified, increased and specialized according to the user requirements. Additionally, the machines are invented to satisfy present necessities and they have the possibility of being changed in the future.

Experts in jjRobots feel honored by having people around that not only buy the products, but also enrich the labor with their personal ideas at the moment the clients share their projects. The professional artists make their best to offer an excellent service with open architecture artifacts that can grow in their or customers hands.


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